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    Default Rear Ended While Driving and Whiplash


    4 days ago my friend was rearended in a car accident, i was sitting in the back of the vechicle, we were stopped at a light to make a left and a car goin roughly about 50mph rear ended us while tryin to turn right and cut someone off and switch lanes but realized he couldnt make it and slammed his brakes, we swapped info and insurance. he claimed he only had a beer or 2 so i didnt want to be an ass and call the cops to the scene. Anyways we went to a hospital about an hour after the accident and the doctor asked me a few question and recommeded ADVIL, so ive just been taking that and my neck still hurt and like stated before im having some trouble sleeping, im going to goto the doctors in a couple of days, I'd like to sue this idiot, im sure the insurance company will be the ones billed. Ive been extremely tired for the past days ive been sleeping bad, i still work because i work at an office, any advice on how to go through with this? thanks in advance for any advice given.

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    Default Drunk Driving Accident; No Police Report

    Start by reporting the accident to the police.

    Then consult a local personal injury lawyer about the viability of litigation based upon the facts and the injuries you suffered. It may help if you can provide the lawyer with a copy of the police report and relevant medical records.

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    I think now its time to report to the police and then have yourself undergo some medical examinations afterwhich if the fidings turns out that you have contacted head injuries then start looking for a lawyer to handle your case....and Good luck!

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