My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Kentucky

I was suspended without pay for 1 week because I didn't renew my professional license. I was never told by my employer I had to maintain the license so I simply chose not to renew it because of its cost. My professional license expired 10/31/2011 and on 6/26/2012 they told me I was suspended without pay until I got my license back. I have never had any personnel actions at this job and was unaware of this requirement so I filed a grievance. The Human Resources director promptly called me and worked out a compromise to only suspend me without pay for 1 week and reassign me until my license is reinstated. My professional license will be reinstated it is simply just a waiting game. I was able to find a better position elsewhere and after I got my grievance response plan in writing, I gave them my resignation letter and notice to be effective 8/3/12. They called today saying I could go on ahead and leave if I wanted but I told them no I needed to be paid for my remaining time and would not do this. I don't think they have grounds to do anything to me but wanted to ask the more I think about it their actions could almost be construed as retaliatory. Thank you.