My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michigan

I have posted on here before regarding my RTF 3rd degree situation last year. I just wanted to thank everyone who offered me advice and information. Ultimately, I did not get a civil demand letter from Meijer's. I did accept a plea deal that would have allowed me to NOT have a conviction on my record and as of 2 months ago, when I ran some background checks on myself, nothing is showing up at the national or county level, so I am hopeful/pleased that in this case, the system did work. I did however, request some more background checks that will show the ESTEEM report, which is from the national retail theft database subscribers. I believe that Meijer's is a subscriber. I have no way of knowing if I was entered into the database or not until I get these other two background checks. I am assuming I was however, why wouldn't they? I am truly remorseful about what I attempted to do and have attempted to make 'karmic' amends since the incident, namely by continuing to volunteer at the hospice center on a weekly basis where I did my community service. I have not attempted to enter the Meijer's store (even though I was told I wasn't banned) and I am hoping that if I discover my name is on that list, that I can request to have it removed so I can move forward and obtain employment. I have heard from other people in my situation that you can request to be removed, and I am prepared to write a letter requesting they remove me, but should I write directly to the store manager or do I write to their corporate headquarters?

Thanks for any information.