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    Default Help with Check Fraud Charges


    This case is in the the state of virginia

    my friend caaled me yesterday and told me he was arrested for suspended license and if i can bail him out. When i got there they told me i cannot bail him out because he was charge with the suspended license and money fraud (i forgot the exact term) from one country and he also have a warrent for his arrest from another county for 18 counts of the same check fraud. Is this a really serious matter, do you guys think he will get jail time. i just found out from his roommate that the bank called him and told him someone has opened a false account under his name. Now the roommate thinks its my friend. My friend is deny everything and saying that someone must have stolen his identity and commiting this crime.

    What do you guys think? Please help.

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    Default Re: Check Fraud Please Help

    why would someone have stolen Friend #1's identity to open a bank account under friend #2's name?

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