My question involves business law in the state of: CT

I am a self-represented plaintiff (pro se by necessity not by choice) up against an influential law firm.
The defendants filed a motion to dismiss.
A full day hearing was held on the matter during which I truly believe I proved my prima facie case.
I followed up with a brief that seemed to be iron-clad, and which should have advanced me to the discovery phase.

Our practice book requires that a judge must rule on a short-calendar matter within 120 days, otherwise any party may petition the court for re-assignment of the
matter to another judge. It was a straight-forward matter, yet it has been 105 days with no ruling.

I have seen too much of the 'good ol boy' network in our judicial system to have a good feeling about this (including actions as blatant as transcript altering).
I believe there is a plan underway to run out the clock and innocently re-assign the matter to another judge in the district, and if this happens I feel I will be denied neutral justice. I believe I should file a motion requesting a ruling prior to the deadline. Should I tout due-process considerations or just politely beg and hope for the best?
Any meaningful feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...