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    Default Video surveillance laws in Missouri

    I have a situation with my next door neighbor who seems to be extremely paranoid of anyone around him.

    The very first day we lived here (we've only lived here 7 weeks), I saw a pipe on the side of his house that peiodically spews boiling water onto the ground. So my sister and I had just barely stepped over into their yard when he literally jumped out the door to tell us not to come over. I introduced myself, and expressed my concern. He was very rude - telling me it was none of my business, and that I was NOT to step foot in his yard again. Claimed that someone had once gotten hurt in his yard and sued him "for all he had". So I have done everything I can to not even be in my own back yard...he yelled at my son for just walking on the curb at the far edge of his property! So we stay far away from the property line.

    Ok so a couple weeks ago, I happened to be out in the backyard and turned around to see the sewer stand-pipe overflowing. At just that moment, he and his kids (toddlers) came around the corner of the house, so he knew I saw it. Finally explained the horrible smell...

    Anyway, after a week of him not doing anything about it, I called the health dept. It was cleaned up, but yesterday I smelled it again, but this time a strong bleach odor was also present. I made a 2nd call, and today the inspector called me back. I assume that she called him directly therafter, because a little while later I heard a whole lot of noise. I thought he was actually cleaning up the rest of his junk in the yard, but I just looked out my window to see that he's taken a big container and covered up the stand-pipe, THEN he took his garbage cans and put them right on the edge of his property line to block the path. Like I'd be walking through there!! He posted a "no trespassing- violators will be prosecuted" sign on one can. But the biggie, and I want to know aboout the legality of is this: He's got a video camera in his window - directly trained right into my bedroom. As I sit here at my desk, I am in direct line-of-sight of that camera. He's got a sign
    posted stating "video survailance in use" (can't even spell right!) Oh, and there's barely 5 or 6 feet between our this camera would most definitely record any movement in my bedroom - especially of early moning or late evening. I would have to keep my window/curtains/back door closed at all times. Our back door exits through the bedroom.

    I am extremely uncomfortable with this development. ..think I'm going to call my landlord to see if there's been any previous history with this man against former tenants. Don't know quite what else to do. Any ideas?

    Is any of this legal according to Missouri law?


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    I live here. Actually in a little area called the Knob. In Ohio

    Talking Re: Video surveillance laws in Missouri

    I don't know about Missouri but where I live in Ohio I can and do video tape my home and property. It has put most of my neighbors on their best behavior in a neighborhood that use to be considered bad. Since I have started video taping my mailbox and front garden, vandalism, muggings, and street fights have stopped. My neighbors across from me complain about my floodlights but I had them before the township banned them so they can just buy a shade.

    I doubt that the man is video taping you, most likely he's video taping his yard and property to protect it against a busybody annoying neighbor.

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    Default Re: Video surveillance laws in Missouri

    So you would say that it is being annoying and a busybody to protect MY family's health by making sure that this man cleans up a 3-foor radius of raw sewage that stands about 6 inches deep gets properly cleaned up? There is barely 4 feet between the corner of my house (my bedroom) and the standpipe. This means that now his garbage cans are almost directly underneath my bedroom window.

    There is no "yard" between his house and ours. the houses are at right angles, with MAYBE 6 feet from his back window to my bedroom window. As I sit here at my desk typing I can SEE the camera, pointed straight at this window. His house is elevated anout 2 feet higher than ours, so when I stand up, the camera is pointed at head-level.

    I'm sorry, but I think I have every right to be concerned about this. This is not even aimed at the area in question - namely the sewer pipe!! There is no way this camera could possibly catch anyone messing with his garbage cans or the pipe. This is pure retaliation for my having called the health dept on him.

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    Default Re: Video surveillance laws in Missouri

    Try this statute on for size....try a routine call to the cops first --- then see where you can take it from there. This nutcase definitely has an issue or two, or three, or twenty!

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