My question involves child support in the State of: PA

My husband was in arrears in child support prior to us dating and eventually getting married. He has an agreement with child support to pay a certain amount each week until the balance is paid in addition to paying current support. The payments are taken out of his pay check every week. For almost five years my husband and I have shared a joint checking account to cover joint expenses and we both have direct deposit in the joint account as well. A few days ago child support took my paycheck and his out of the joint checking account which has both of our names on it. This is while the repayment for the arrears agreement is still active and current. My husband went to the office with my pay stub, his, and a copy of our bank statement in order to show them that most of the money they took came directly from my pay check. The employee there said that as long as my husband's name is on the account they can take everything out of it and she did want to see anything that my husband brought with him. The money that was taken was suppose to pay our rent among many other things. Additionally, my husband has his daughter 40% of the month and our account is cleaned out. I'm trying to understand how is support about the child when they are trying to remove the food and shelter we are providing for her. I had no reason to think I should not get a joint account with my husband because he was paying and they have complete access to his paycheck so they could of just taken his check. But my question is, can they take my money to pay for an arrears my husband owed long before we got married? If not, what is the recourse to getting my money back?