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    Question Can You Change Visa Status From H2B to J1 Without Leaving The U.S.

    I received two job offers, the first is on h2b visa, the lawyer is waiting for the approval from USCIS and the second one is on j1 visa. The first will start in mid Nov and the second one in early Jan. I was wondering since the time frame will be very close, is it possible for me to change my visa status from h2b to J1 or from h2b visa to tourist visa without having to leave US ?

    I was also wondering whether it's common for US employers to change their employees visa status from h2b visa to h1b?

    Thank you


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    Default Re: Is it possible to change visa status from H2B to J1 without having to leave US?

    I am not aware of anything which would prevent the conversion of an H-2B to an H-1B visa, as long as the worker qualifies for the H-1B visa and that visa is available under the quota. I think the same would apply for J1 visas, provided you don't have a two-year foreign residency requirement.

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