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    Default Coowners Breaking Up, Tenants in Common

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: California

    Almost 2 years ago my boyfriend of 9 yrs and I purchased a home through Habitat for Humanity. Bf paid $200 of the downpayment and not a red cent more for ANYTHING to do with the house since then, including bills. He has also put a total of 4 holes in the wall out of fits. He does nothing to upkeep the place while I am and have been the sole provider for us and our 2 children (only because he refuses to get a job) and now for the past year and a half or so I have been supporting his mother who also contributes nothing yet lives with us. I want them both out. We signed the papers as tenants in common, and from what I understand there is nothing I can really do to short of selling the house to get him out, or am I wrong. I will be filing for custody of the kids and was wondering if a judge could or would possibly allow one person to remain in the house (he can go live with his mother at her house, I have no where) without having to sell it? Are there any other options for me or did I really just screw myself Thank you in advance for any replies.

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    Default Re: Coowners Breaking Up, Tenants in Common

    You can try to negotiate a buyout of his interest, you can sell the house and split the proceeds (assuming your agreement with HH doesn't limit that option), or you can spend a considerable amount of money on a "partition and sale" lawsuit to try to get a court to resolve the dispute (typically that means selling the home and splitting the proceeds). You can also walk away, not that I am suggesting that to be a good option.

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