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    Default Terminated after filing a worker's comp claim

    Hello everybody.
    This is my first time in this forum.
    I will fill you on what has happened to me.
    Back in July of 04, I was injured on the job which caused me to have a herniated disk in my neck. My boss was very cool about it and sent me to te proper person to take care of it. I was given some time off by the W/C Dr. and while I was off I received a letter stating that I was terminated "For the Good of the service" Ihave no idea what that means. i was totally devasted since I have never had this happen to me. When I went and applied for unemplyment, my former employer Which is the city in which I live)
    denied my enemployment .
    I appealed it and even hired an atourney to represent me.
    I lost and all this time I have had no income. I finally had a fusion back in November which they paid with no problem.
    I am sueing for wrongful termination and other laws that they violated.
    This has caused for several people that work at the city to be fired because of the way they handled my case.
    My supervisor is my main witness against the city since he does not agree with the way and reason that they fired me.

    I was wondering if this will go to trial or will they try to settle?
    The attourneys have been contacting my former boss trying to convince him to testify against me...[/i]

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    Default Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

    The vast majority of cases end in settlement, so it is likely that at some point your lawyer will engage in settlement negotiations or receive a settlement offer from the other side. There is always a possibility, though, that the defense will not make a reasonable settlement offer and that a matter will have to go to trial.

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