My question involves real estate located in the State of: Delaware
I divorced my ex-husband 16 years ago. My name remained on the property because he did not wish to sell and he was not able to refinance it into his name alone. He lived at our property and I moved to a different town and became an apartment renter. It was a 15 year mortgage but was paid off a few years early due to the extra payments I made in the beginning of the loan. He lived there until the roof collapsed a few winters ago. Luckily, the loan was satisfied early. The following fall, the State of Delaware sent me a hefty tax bill for this property I own with my ex. It seemed he made zero property tax payments since I had left about 13 years previously. I drove to the property to ask him why and found it was an abandoned mess of an eyesore. I talked with the neighbors to find out what happened. I began to make small property tax payments as I tried to find him. His address was listed with the DMV at the abandoned property. I had a private investigator flag his license for having an incorrect address. But unless he gets stopped I guess that it won't help much. Until he updates his address I have no idea where he is. I spoke to a very nice lawyer who scratched his head some and consulted another lawyer with this issue. That lawyer said that it seemed as if my only option is a quit claim which he must sign. BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE IS! I remain in a situation where I don't know what I can do to remedy the problem. I spend many weekends over there (40 minutes away from where I live) cutting grass and cleaning up the HUGE disgusting piles of trash that had been accumulated by him as he had no trash service ever. This is a huge problem that weighs heavily on me. I would like to resolve it. I don't have lots of extra funds to hire lawyers. So in doing research I have read about something called a quiet claim action. I wonder if this is the answer to this burdensome problem of mine.