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    Question What Punishments do Minors Get for Shoplifting

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Wisconsin/Illinois
    Okay.. So about a week & a half ago, I was at kohls with a friend & we were trying on clothing & all that fun stuff. To make a long story short, I was unaware of that fact that this "friend" was slipping merchandise into my bag without my knowledge. We left the store with no problems & continued around the mall when 2 big black men walked up to me & started accusing me of shoplifting, I denied it of course, because I wasn't aware there was anything in my bag. They started dragging me back to the store while the other guy called the cops. I was so confused & upset & they just started screaming at me & swearing & when we got back to the store they locked me in a room with about 10 people & continued to yell. The police showed up & searched me, (my "friend" was long gone by that time.) found the merchandise, & wouldn't even let me get a word in about my innocence, because when she put the stuff in my bag it was in the fitting room where there are no cameras. I was told to fill out paperwork for the store, & as soon as that was done I was slammed against the wall, handcuffed & driven to a police station. When we got there the cop took all of my stuff, & put me in a cell for a few hours while he sat across the room & had a snack & then just sat there. He brought me out & took pictures, had me fill out more paperwork, gave me a notice to appear in court for the 28th, the charges being retail theft under $300 dollars, (the total I "stole" was around $80) & finally let me call my dad to pick me up, since all of this happened I recieved a civil demand in the mail from kohls for $200, do I have to pay this? What will happen in court? Is there any way to get community service instead of fines? I can't afford a lawyer, will I be appointed a public defender? & I have no job to pay tickets & my dad doesn't have any income right now either.. live in Wisconsin but this happened in il., & I'm 15 but I was 14 when this happened.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just want to know what to expect..
    I know how bad this looks on me, so I understand why you would think I'm making it up. I really just wasnt paying attention, but now I have to take responsibility for it. This person refuses to have anything to do with me anymore because she doesn't want to get caught. I can't make her talk to me..
    & they said the civil demand in addition to any tickets/charges I'll get in court.

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    Default Re: What Punishments do Minors Get for Shoplifting

    If you go to juvenile court your disposition depends upon factors including the facts of the offense, your home, school and community record, and your past encounters with law enforcement.

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