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    Default Someone Making Effort to Destroy My Work Life and Living Environment, Harrassment

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: NY

    I currently reside with a family member. In an effort to cause financial strain or hardship his estranged wife has attempted to portray my boyfriend and I as drug users and alcoholics to my current "landlord" causing difficulties in our living arrangements and possibly eviction for myself at most, and at least resulting in him not allowing my boyfriend to reside here. I have no drug or alcohol use issues or charges. My boyfriend has one misdemeanor DWI. I am not sure exactly what was said to the landlord when she approached him, but it was enough for him to say he didn't want 'our kind of trouble' here. I've never been arrested or even had law enforcement called to any of my residences. I have excellent references from my previous landlords with no noise complaints or anything similar. After being advised by her to 'not get comfortable, an eviction notice is coming' she proceeded to say she would also be calling my place of employment (3+years) in an attempt to get me fired by saying I am unhappy with my employers and whatever else. I can only imagine. She has called once to my knowledge and my boss only said that she called. He did not say what she said, if anything.

    Is there anything I can do to make sure she does not harass my workplace to the point they feel like they have to fire me to get her to stop? Contrary to what she believes, I enjoy my job and have worked my way from entry level to administrative work.

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    Default Re: Someone Making Effort to Destroy My Work Life and Living Environment, Harrassment

    You're living with a relative who wants you to move out. You don't indicate that you have a lease. You feel harassed by the relative. This relative's wife once called your boss and said, to the best of your knowledge, absolutely nothing that was bad or inappropriate.

    Your solution is to move.

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