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    Default What Should a Home Buyer Include in a Contract With a Builder

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: WA

    I'm reviewing my builder's contract for construction of a new custom home on my land. From a customer's point of view, what are the most critical items to ensure are included?

    Incidentally, he seems unaccustomed to receiving changes to "his" contract, which is a red flag to me as a contract should reflect a set of agreements between the parties.

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    Default Re: What Should a Home Buyer Include in a Contract With a Builder

    If you have any deadlines that need to be met you would want to specify them and what happens if they're not met.

    I would require all change orders to be in writing and signed by you, and that any claimed 'changes' that are not documented by a signed, written change order are included in the original negotiated price.

    Others may have other ideas.

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