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    Default Old Debt, Unaware That It Existed, Now in Collection

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: New Jersey

    Several years ago a rider was placed on our medical insurance. It stated that my wife had PCOS, this was inaccurate -- she had a functioning cyst which is very common and not cause for such a rider. They would not cover anything in the pelvic region. Unable to reverse the inaccurate information my wife decided to travel to NJ to see her old OBGYN in order to receive a sonogram and other procedures for fertility purposes (because everything was out of pocket at this point anyway). The girl who coded the procedure said that it may be covered anyway, and that the out of pocket expense, at worst, would be a couple hundred bucks. My wife received a sonogram and the other procedures.

    Fast Forward
    My wife's parents (our old address) received an non-certified letter urging action within 30 days or else legal action would be taken. The letterhead was dated 4 days prior to the postmarked date and received 7 days after the postmark. We never received an invoice for this bill and never had a chance to negotiate with the hospital. At $1,300+ for a sonogram you can be sure i would have negotiated a better rate. Our plan is to send a letter to the Lawyer requesting that he update our address and send copies of the following documents:

    Agreement with the original creditor that authorizes him to collect on this alleged debt.
    An itemized invoice from original creditor with their letterhead.

    Bottom Line
    My wife received a service and it should be paid for. Said service was more than 4 times what we were told. An invoice was never received from the service provider. Now we are on the fast-track to a judgement that will likely not go in our favor. I hate being fleeced, it feels like we are being fleeced. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to handle this? In a previous life i would have just paid it, but since then my wife been diagnosed with cancer (not related to PCOS) and we have spent a lot of money on medical bills. Our provider at the time rescinded her coverage after the diagnosis due to some inane question on the application so until recently all medical expenses were out of pocket, i'll be paying them for years to come.

    Your time and knowledge is apprecia

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    Default Re: Old Debt, Unaware That It Existed, Now in Collection

    How many years ago is "several"?

    If the letter isn't from the original creditor, have you searched the name of the company involved? Is it a law firm, collection firm, firm described as a 'junk debt buyer', firm known for FDCPA violations... ?

    Does the letter actually say, "Pay within 30 days or we'll sue," or does it merely imply that?

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