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    Default Divorce Reconciliation

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: TN

    My divorce was going be finale on the 26th of. June this month. Me and wife got back together and signed a reconcil to put divorce on hold 6while mths. I want the divorce still. So my question is does she half sign again for us to continue the divorce or can i go by myself and sign to get the divorce to happen.

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    Default Re: Divorce Reconciliation

    Without access to the court file and the documents at issue, I'm not in a position to know what they say. If you are stating that you signed a stipulation adjourning the proceedings for six months to see if reconciliation was possible, and that six months have now passed and you have not successfully reconciled, you would normally be able to return to court and resume proceedings. Note that if your spouse is the plaintiff and you have not filed a counter-complaint, there would be potential for your spouse dismissing the divorce action.

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