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    Default eBay Seller Walks Off with Money

    Hi there. This is a simple scenario, but a mess nonetheless for me. I would appreciate any opinions.

    Scenario: Purchased new laptop as a 2nd chance offer from a seller with 100% positive feedback (qty: 22) at the time. Seller was very responsive on email during the 2nd chance negotiation process. I paid via paypal (est $1200). Item was never shipped. Email response to my requests for status stopped. User canceled her ebay acct. After two weeks of constant emails, she responded how sorry she was that her employee shipped it to a wrong address and because of the trouble would refund my total amount on a specific day/time. That was 10 days ago and no reponses from her since (after daily emails to her). I escalated the issue with Paypal to a claim (still waiting a reponse - now day 21).

    Essentially, she walked away with my money and is refusing to respond to my requests for a refund. Is this considered criminal activity? Can I pursue criminal charges against her? The problem -- I am on the west coast and she is in NYC.


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    Default Re: eBay Seller Walks Off with Money

    I would not be surprised if it was fraud; I hope you can recover your money through PayPal.

    You can try contacting the police in NYC to see if they will take a complaint. Note that your willingness and ability to travel to NYC to appear in court may affect the decision of any reviewing prosecutor as to whether or not to proceed with charges.

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    Default Re: eBay Seller Walks Off with Money

    Thanks for your help. I will wait to see if Paypal can help.

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    Default Re: eBay Seller Walks Off with Money

    File a claim with Paypal right away. You only have 30 days to do so.

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    Paypal's insurance should cover this if the item was not received. It's about the only reason they will refund.

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    If I'm not mistaken paypal will only cover up to $1000 under their seller insurance program. You may take a $200 lost. You should check up on that. I know from experience that paypal will refund money if you never recieved the item, did the seller have a confirmation number or signature confirmation receipt proving she sent it out. As a seller and buyer, I personally always make sure that I have delivery confirmation or signature confirmation for any high priced item. If she can't provide you with that or paypal, you'll get your money.

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    Default Re: eBay Seller Walks Off with Money

    The thing is... if the seller was not Paypal verified, your loss will not be covered under their protection policy. They may award you your money back, but they will only pay you for it if the seller was verified. Otherwise, they will post it against the seller's account, and only refund you if the seller still has the funds in their account.

    If the funds were immediately withdrawn, which they probably were, you will have to wait until the seller puts more money in their Paypal account.

    This just happened to me rescently. It's a good thing that it was only for $15.

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