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    Exclamation First Time Felon, Off Probabtion, but Have Restitution

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: az
    The amount is wrong by over $ 36,000.00, I have been paying on my own for years,
    how do I get that changed? I sent the collections dept for the county my letter from
    ssi saying I will be paid off in Dec this year, but, they wont respond. I still will have
    more to pay but, not to ssi. Please dont tell me I have to go back to court, I was only
    there once, and never want to go back.

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    Default Re: First Time Felon, Off Probabtion, but Have Restitution

    when did you realize the amount was wrong, or is it that you believe it to be wrong but the court has ordered this amount?

    it also confuses things: you have somebody else to make payment to? If you consider that, is the amount ordered to repay correct?

    is there interest accruing on your repayment requirement?

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    Default Re: First Time Felon, Off Probabtion, but Have Restitution

    Court just sent me papers to sign after my probation expired couple months ago, I was just on mail in monitoring, email, or regular mail. I guess the probation dept sort of forgot about me until I just expired, as they called it.But they knew I was paying on my own, and how much, maybe they forgot to include it. I get freaked out if anyone mentions going back to court..sorry... I didnt really notice the amt till lately.

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    Default Re: First Time Felon, Off Probabtion, but Have Restitution

    Request an accounting on your repayment account.

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