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    Default Skirting Around Licencing

    I have IP that several companies are interested in licencing. Here is the problem. I have a signed agreement with a company that is acting as a broker for me for licencing one of my inventions. They are to be paid a small percentage from any deals they make for licencing to other companies. That is fine so far. Now one company wants to pay for the development of a production model and they want to sell same. The broker says they are not interested in manufacturing but will have it done off shore and then sell them to any interested parties. They also say that I will only get royalties from the buyer of the production version of my IP; but that I will not receive any share of the profits the broker makes on the selling. I say that the broker is avoiding signing a separate licencing agreement with me for profit sharing. Yes or no??? Please!

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    Default Re: Skirting Around Licencing

    I'm missing something?

    You say the broker gets a small percentage from any deals they make for licensing to other companies. It would appear this other company is interested in licensing your product, correct. Therefor, the broker gets a small percentage of the deal and you get the rest, right?

    If the broker is considering this a different product, then the broker is now out of the deal since you stated he was hired to act as a broker for one of your inventions. If this scenario applies, this would be a different invention. I don't see this as actually applicable but that is the only way I can see the broker dodging your current contract.

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