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    Default Non-Insured Rental Car Rear-Ending the Car in Front

    My question involves a traffic accident in the State of: California

    I hold North Carolina licence, just moved to Upper state New York.
    I went to travel in CA and rented a car from Buget. It was just for 8 days. I own a car, but registration was expired earlier this year, I haven't had time to go back to North Carolina to handle that, I just canceled my policy and haven't been driving for a while. So I didn't have any insurance of my own. I didn't purchase any insurance from Buget either.

    Last morning, I was on the way to the airport to return the car and fly back to New York, I hit a car in front of me while we were turning on the right turning lane. He was stopped, I stopped too, and he start going when the light turned green, then suddenly stopped again, that's when I hit him. It wasn't that very seriously since we both very slow.

    I left him my information, and said I need to catch my flight, I'll be pay for his damage, but I don't willing to go through the insurance. He needed to go to work, so we didn't call the police.
    I didn't sign up anything, just took a picture of his car, and left.

    When I return the car, Buget people didn't find the problem, so I don't know if I'll still facing any charging in the future. But I know I do have a rental car insurance from the debit card I used to rent the car.

    Then this morning that guy I hit gave me a massage said he's asking for $5000 for the settlement, $3300 to replace the bump, $700 to rent a car for 7 days, $1000 for the doctor. I honestly told him I only have $2000 on my account, so I can give him $1500, that's all I can do.

    Then I got a call from his insurance company said it's all on me, and asked me some questions, and said they will mail me the documents.

    What am I expecting at this point? If this insurance company give me a number I couldn't afford, what could I do? Will I get sued or it will go to the collector? Is it illegal to driving a rental car without insurance? Will I get sued by the police or will my licence be suspended?

    It's my first accident, I'm sooo worried about it. Any suggestion what should I do? Do I need a lawyer to help me go to the court if it's in CA? or do I need to fly back? how about if I cannot afford the flight ticket???

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    Default Re: Non-Insured Rental Car Rear Ending the Car in Front

    I would deal with his insurance company and pay whatever they reasonably ask. Make sure you get a signed release by him from all future liability. Failure to pay will likely result in license suspension and thousands more in restitution.

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    Default Re: Non-Insured Rental Car Rear Ending the Car in Front

    You are going to be liable for the collision. Since you were not insured, you are looking at paying everything, including any legal representation you may need. If you cannot afford to pay what the other guy's insurance is demanding, you have three options. 1. you can try to work out a payment deal with them...but, they are not obligated to agree to this. 2. you can simply ignore their demands and wait for them to take you to civil court...which is very likely they will. or 3. you can retain a lawyer now and let him/her advise you how to proceed and negotiate a settlement for you. I would advise #3.

    It is pretty unlikely that there will be any criminal issues since no police responded to the collision.
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    Default Re: Non-Insured Rental Car Rear Ending the Car in Front

    Thank you so much for the help. Where should I hire the lawyer from? From where the accident was at or from where I am?

    Here's the picture of the car I hit. I kinda wonder around how much will be charging I will be facing? The driver asked me for $5,000 which I really cannot afford. I saw some people said usually insurance company will ask for even more. I got really scared. If I'm facing something over $10,000, I will have no way to pay for that.

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