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    Default Are Online Background Checks a Scam

    When I look for information about someone I'm usually directed to about half a dozen different companies that will do it for me--for a nominal fee of course. Are these companies scams? Don't they rely on counties and states that have their records online and so the results are skewed anyway?

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    Default Re: Online Background Checks a Scam

    Of course they're not scams.

    They're simply compiling information and charging a fee to access that information.
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    Default Re: Online Background Checks a Scam

    They aren't "scams" as such. Some of the stuff they provide you could probably find for free if you knew where to look in every jurisdiction that you'd want to search in.
    Other things they return are hits from things where there is a charge for obtaining the original information, but they amortize it over many customers asking for the same information (i.e., the dump of the state of Virginia criminal records may cost them $1000 but they can sell 100 $20 background checks based on the information....).

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