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    Default Home Ownership Between Girlfriend and I and Ability to Remove Her from the Property

    My question involves a relationship in the state of: Alaska.

    My gf and I are most likely breaking up. We started building a house together about 6 years ago. I put in 95% of the work. She's put in maybe 15-20% of the money for materials. She was going to pay me for 50% of the work I put in since she's done virtually no work on the house. The land title is in my name.

    We discussed it a while back -what would happen if we broke up - and she said she didn't want to be part owner in the house and we would just consider what she's paid so far as being rent. We've made no written agreement yet.

    Well, she's been pretty aggressive and creating physical confrontations (unplugging my power tools when I don't want to argue, or trying to get into my car or block it from leaving when she's volatile), and I told her if she tried to keep me from leaving the house or driving out of the driveway again, I'd call the cops and have her escorted off of the property. I try to avoid verbal confrontations and when I do so, she creates physical confrontations. She said if I called the cops, she'd try to claim half of the house and pretend she never agreed to not attempt 50% ownership of the house.

    So two questions:

    1. Since I have the property title, will the police see me as the only owner and take her off the property?

    2. Does she have any legal right to the house if she decides she wants to try to keep half (keep in mind, she still hasn't paid me for all of my work on the house or 50% of materials)?

    P.S. If I can set up a hidden recorder (totally legal in AK) and get her on tape, admitting that she agreed that the money she's paid would be considered rent and not part ownership, would this protect me legally?

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    Default Re: Home Ownership Between Girlfriend and I and Ability to Remove Her from the Proper

    Ultimately, if she is not a titled owner, she is a resident and would need to be evicted legally. This does not address her potential ability to recover any money invested in the property.

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    Default Re: Home Ownership Between Girlfriend and I and Ability to Remove Her from the Proper

    There is no "house title" on real estate. The house is an improvement of the land. If you are the sole owner of the land, you are the sole owner of the house.
    No amount of contribution or verbal agreements can change that. She might try to recover the money she paid, but I'm unclear what principle she'd use.
    Of course, if she has been paying "rent" you can't just throw her out either. There are most likely eviction rules you have to follow.
    If it comes to having to remove her you'd be well advised to talk to a lawyer to do it properly.

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