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    Default Becoming an Engineering Expert Consultant

    My question involves court procedures for the state of: MI


    I am design engineer, I work for automotive company designing safety components.

    Lets say 10 years down the road I get laid off because of bad economy and company is downsizing. One thing that I can do is send my resume to every lawyer in the country and offer witness testimony services on projects that I've been working on. My company does good work in terms of product, but sometimes quality lawyer can make a big deal out of some small detail.

    My questions are:

    How useful would my services be to a lawyer that is involved in liability law suit? Would having someone who worked on product that is being subject to law suit be beneficial to plaintiff attorney? I know that it depends on what I know. But generally speaking, would they even be interested to talk to me? Would they be interested enough to pay me money for my testimony? I want to get a general perspective. Seems to me that they would be interested because plaintiff attorneys often hire expert witnesses. Seems like having firsthand witness maybe helpful.
    Is there limit on how much I can be paid by plaintiff attorney for my witness services?

    My contract with my company has confidentiality paragraph that says that I canít give out any information related to my company even after my employment termination. If plaintiff attorney gets sub poena judgment which orders me to give testimony, will that over write confidentiality agreement that I have/had with my employer?

    Would that be difficult in this situation to get sub poena judgment for me to testify?

    Do you guys have any other concerns that former employee should consider before providing testimony related to some product that he worked on in the past?
    I am sorry if what I wrote does not make sense. All my knowledge of legal system comes from Wikipedia. I work on safety automotive components, I want to understand what potential professional situations I may be involved in future.

    Thank you for your advice!

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    Default Re: Becoming an Engineering Expert Consultant

    There's no way we can tell you how valuable your services will be in a hypothetical circumstance ten years in the future. We don't even know if there will be litigation pertaining to the safety components upon which you have expertise, or the nature of any such litigation. If you are talking about products you worked on, the principal impediment to serving as an expert is that you could be a fact witness.

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    Default Re: Becoming an Engineering Expert Consultant

    Are you already a registered professional engineer? If not, review the requirements. In some states there is an ethics exam or once about your state's statutes or both.

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