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    Default Show Cause Hearing

    My question involves a marriage in the state of: Ohio. I live in Colorado and have since 1993. My ex-husband has filed Contempt Motions against me for a couple of things. The Hearing is set for 6/1/12 and I was served by Certified Mail on Saturday 5/19/12. I filed a Response immediately on Monday, 5/22/12, including all the documents that show the contempt motion is just a means to harass by the ex, with a full explanation. And I also filed a Motion to Continue to hopefully give me more than 2 weeks notice to appear in Ohio, especially during a school year when I have a minor child I care for full-time. The problem is that the Judge is out of the state until 5/30 and no one at the courthouse can tell me what to do about the hearing. All they could say is they would have her look at it immediately when she returns on 5/30.

    I have been before this Judge before when I filed my own contempt stuff last year against the ex for his c/s arrearage. She likes me and she knows I follow the rules and will do what she tells me. I am really confident she will grant at the minimum a continuance. But ...

    But I don't want to get in trouble either in case she doesn't rule in time and expects me to be there. and I really really really can't be back there in one week during final weeks when I don't have anyone to care for my daughter.

    Any thoughts on what I should do?

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    Default Re: Show Cause Hearing

    Court clerks cannot give you legal advice, but they can explain procedure. You can inquire with a clerk as to whether the judge might permit you to appear by phone. It's not always possible, but some courts will accommodate out-of-state litigants for certain types of hearing.

    Have you formally filed a petition to adjourn the hearing? Is your husband represented by counsel?

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    Default Re: Show Cause Hearing

    thank you for answering. Yes. I have filed both a Motion to Continue and/or Participate by Telephone and a Response to his Motion in Contempt, as well as a Motion to Dismiss because the claims are just bogus. I sent copies of everything in my Response to his Motion in Contempt that pretty clearly shows I did everything I was supposed to do. I spoke with the Judge's clerk and she said the Judge will look at everything when she gets back at the end of the week. If I have to purchase a ticket at the last minute to go out there and show him in person what a dumb-dumb he is I am going to ask for all my costs.

    No, he is pro se.

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