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    Default International Money Laundering

    Recently my friend has been making money going to western union and picking up money from unknown people. He is then instructed to send the money to an individual in africa. the original sender is not on any paper that is sent to africa. and the final receiver is not connected to the original sender.

    is this illegal?

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    Default Re: Money to Africa

    Sounds like a scam, to me.

    Or, money laundering.

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    Default Re: Money to Africa

    It sounds to me when the scam is unfolded, that your friend will suffer the consequences of the law. He stands to lose more money then he as made as well as incarceration. Remember that he is leaving an extensive paper trail.
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    Default Re: Money to Africa

    Your friend needs to stop doing this, and he needs to stop doing this right now. This is indeed money laundering, it's quite illegal, and your friend can land in jail.

    An old high school friend of mine is hanging out in prison right now, and will be there for a while, thanks to his involvement in just such a thing.

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