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    Default CPS confidentiality violations and slander

    We live in NY

    In her younger days my daughter (now an adult) got into alot of trouble. We had several Child Protective Service investigations.

    It was brought to my attention tonight that a Child Protective Worker has told her family and god only who else about my daughter in detail, and refuses to let my boys and her son pal around together because of the old problems with my daughter.

    She has also told her family about several kids that are or were in foster care and the reasons why, etc. Aren't there confidentiality laws protecting us, my daughter and the other people she has ran her mouth about? How do I go about persueing this. I am pissed!


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    Default Re: CPS confidentiality violations and slander

    I don't know what, specifically, she has told her family. If what she said was true, though, it wouldn't be slander even if it was a confidentiality violation.

    If she is divulging confidential details of past cases, consider making a complaint to her supervisor.

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