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    Default Petitioning for Naturalization After Getting an Insurance Ticket

    I would like to ask a couple of question. In jan 2012 i was given a citation for not having insurance while driving in l.a i also didn't have any plates or tags and as a result i got a fix it ticket i went and resolved the fix it ticket but my citation for not having insurance came out to be nearly $1000 i had the opportunity to pay the fine or fight the ticket in court so i agreed on a court date for november the thing is in july of this year i will be able to apply for citizenship since it's been 5 years i got my permanent resident card. Will that ticket be a problem applying for citizenship??? Or i should wait until i have resolve my case? Does driving with no insurance a misdemeanor?..........................i also want to know my wife which she never been to the u.s and live's in mexico should i start her process also?? While im a resident? Or should i wait? Until im a citizen? (we just got married in april 2012 but have been going out for 2years and a half).....thank's in advance!

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    Default Re: Petitioning for Naturalization After Getting an Insurance Ticket

    I suggest waiting until your case is resolved, such that you know your exact situation and what you will need to report.

    If you're charged with a violation of CVC 16028(a), that's an infraction - see CVC 16029. If you're charged with some other offense, please identify the offense as it does you no good to force us to guess.

    If your wife is a resident of Mexico and you're not a citizen, on what basis would your wife be petitioning to naturalize?

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