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    Default Assault While Defending Someones Honor

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina

    My question is Can a male be legally charged for an assault or any other related crime or misdemeanor for assaulting someone who has laid their hands on his gf/fiance? One night I saw a guy grab another guys girlfriends buttocks in a bar. The girlfriend was startled and immediately her boyfriend stepped up to defend her against this other guy. Long story short, the boyfriend hit the other guy for it. I never found out what, if anything, happened to the boyfriend, but I am wondering if you can be charged with assault in any degree or a misdemeanor of any for defending a female in that context.

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    Default Re: Assault While Defending Someones Honor

    If it would go that far, the answer is yes; the b/f can be charged legitimately with assault. To what degree depends on the nature of the assault.

    That concerns the assaulter.

    The assaultee can likewise be charged with assault for the bun grab at best, or some degree of sexual assault at worst.

    The only way the 'defending her honor' premise would work is if the grabber kept up or escalated some sort of sexually-natured assault and the grabee was reasonably in fear of her safety unless she, or a bystander like a boyfriend, took some sorta action. But in an instance like that, the boyfriend's actions would hafta be reasonable in the extent of either ending the assault or removing the victim to a point of safety. It wouldn't necessarily mean the boyfriend could pummel the livin' dogcrap outta the grabber.

    Even though pummelling would be seen by some, like me, as reasonable, it would not necessarily be a legally defensible response.

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