Hi! I was curious about this and wonder what you legal experts thought about it.

I had written two online reviews on a book and video that I loved. The video is an animated TV special based on the book and posted in "pieces" on YouTube. It is not available in any other format anywhere else in the world (it may be in some TV station's video archive or something, but not sure).

On this TV special, there are two songs, one could be heard on the videos and one was cut off. I have found out that many people have very fond memories of these songs and are dying to find the exact lyrics to them, but can't find them. I have tracked down pieces of the one song that is not on the video and I have written down the lyrics to the other song. The lyrics, music and anything else about the song (composer, singer, musicians) are not available anywhere that I know of. People seem to really want to know more about these songs, but there is no information anywhere.

I (now) know that lyrics are considered copyrighted and one shouldn't post the entire lyrics even for criticism. Now I'm thinking of removing them because I don't want to get in trouble for infringement. I am torn, though, because these lyrics aren't available anywhere and people really want to find them.

Should I remove a portion of the lyrics from my reviews and just put up some kind of link where they can email me if they want the entire amount? Or, do you think it won't be a problem if I leave them up?

I don't know if it matters, but there are ads for the books (and a poster related to the book) on those sites as well.

ETA: I also posted the entire lyrics to one of the songs in a comment on another site because people were asking about them.