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    Default Rear Ending the Car In Front of You

    While driving in stop and go traffic, I rear ended the car in front of me. There was very little damage but an obvious thud. I asked that the police be called. While waiting for the police we agreed that I would pay for the damage, which looked to amount to a new bumper max (the victim's words). It turns out the we worked in the same genreal area and knew many of the same pepole. I did take a picture of the slightly damaged bumper showing evidence of a very small amount of damage. The person whose car I hit, no longer wanted to continue to wait for the police and canceled.

    We exchanged info, of course.

    I sent the person a note the next day (yesterday) and again confirmed that I would write a check for the damage and settle outside of the insurance system. I did not hear from the person for 2 days, but received a call from the victim's Insurance company today wanting a statement.

    It caught me off guard since he had canceled the police call and I felt we had an agreement to settle ourselves.

    A caveat; this person is not a personal customer of mine, but is a customer for the company I work for.

    Still, the accident happened on a street away from work and an agreement is an agreement.

    Any advise?

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    Default Re: Rear Ender

    not sure what you are looking for. You caused the accident so in any state except one you would be liable for the damages (and since you refused to identify your state, I cannot say if that is your state). Tell the guys insurance company you intend on paying the damages as soon as he gets an estimate.

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    Default Re: Rear Ender

    Normally, your insurance contract states that you have to report all accidents in a timely manner, which I am assuming you did not; however, he or she did. Also, insurance is not based solely upon a monetary determination, but insurance is based upon risk when calculating premiums. With that being said, you should just let your insurance company handle the damages because your rates could be affected whether you pay out of pocket or not since you were the at-fault party.

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