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    Default Can You Do Anything to Remove an Indefinite Restraining Order

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: FL Hi, my friend 8 years ago got into an altercation with his daughters mother. The state of Florida charged him with assault and battery and put an indefinite restraining order that is for her and the minor child. My friend really has wanted to be in the life of his daughter but the restraining order keeps him from contacting her. Is there anyway he can fight the order to be able to contact his daughter?

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    Default Re: Can You Do Anything to Remove an Indefinite Restraining Order

    He can consult a local attorney and see about having the restraining order lifted. Such orders are at the judge's discretion, and apparently the judge who issued the order felt that his ex and his daughter were in significant danger at that time.

    He'll need to show that he has really cleaned up his act (and I assume he's been paying child support timely?), but even that's no guarantee the judge will lift the order.
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