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    Default Can You Move Back In if One Co-Owner Gives Permission

    My question involves an eviction in the state of: Florida

    I was evicted 5 months ago from a house I was renting. I got a writ of possession and left. The home however is owned by both my parents. One agreed that I should stay the other didn't. The one who agreed I could stay had a medical emergency two weeks before the trial so the one who didn't agree won the case against me - hence the writ of possession.

    Now I wanted to ask:

    1) Can I still go back if the parent who supports that I can rent still wants me to?
    2) Did the writ of possession expire?
    3) The house is locked by the other parent, can we call for a locksmith to remove it?

    Basically the parent who doesn't want me there, doesn't want me there only because according to I am not "neat". Even if I pay for all the grass cutting, pool cleaning and pay the rate that anyone else would pay (about $1,850 a month).

    Anyways like to know..

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    Default Re: Can You Move Back In if One Co-Owner Gives Permission

    It would not be wise for you and one parent to conspire behind the other's back to move back in, post eviction. What do you think will happen if the parent who secured the eviction order calls the police and shows them the order of eviction? If you want to play that sort of game, I suggest that you retain a lawyer to advise you.

    Clearly your parent is not worried about the money you spent on rent and maintenance, as that parent evicted you knowing that the payment would stop.

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