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    Post Hindering the Buying Party by Discouraging the Party Saying That It is a Litigation

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: ANDHRA PRADESH , INDIA
    The exisitng all 20 members of the colony society are discouraging the buying party/member saying that t is a litigation property. The reason behind this attitude of the society members is that without consulting all the 20 members of the society the president of the society had sold 2 out of 20 plots to the non-member of the society who are not yet today enrolled as society member till today. Hence they have allegation on the attitude of the president of the colony and passed a resolution , removed the legal rights of president of the colony legally, and elected a new president. The newly elected president has divided the balance 18 out of 20 PLots into 20equal place and got it registered in the name of the all the 20 members of the society individually. In the mean while the new president applied in the court asking for justice on the ex-president to resolve the issue of 2 out of 20 plots.

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