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    Post Charged With Brandishing an Airsoft Gun to Defend My Child

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: calif I went with my 14 year old son and 16 year old daughter to retreve my sons stolen bike from a house in the area where we lived (kepp in mind our neighborhood isnt the best) when we got the we knocked and the lady that answerd already had a attitude we were polite told her the situation she said she never saw it didnt know what we were talking about...she didnt even botjer asking any of the kids in the house she then rudely slammed the door on us we were driving away we happend to see a opening in the back of the fence and we saw alot of bikes, my son instantly jumped out of the car jumped up onto yhe 6 foot high fence to look at the bikes, the next thing i know he yells mom my bike is here i see it , the next thing i know my daughter jumps out to help her brother there on the other side of the fence in the peoples yard trying to get the bike , i go back t

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    Default Re: I Picked Up a Air Soft Gun Off the Groung Cause 3 People Were Jumping My Daughter

    Your post was cut off so we don't know what happened. Did you get the bike? Did you call the police? Did anyone get hurt?

    What's with the airsoft gun? Is someone being charged with a crime for flashing it?
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    Default Re: Charged With Brandishing an Airsoft Gun to Defend My Child

    Here's the deal: When you see stolen property in somebody's yard, you pick up your cell phone and dial "911", report what is happening, and wait for the police. You don't unlawfully enter somebody's yard (let alone allow your children to do so), get into a major confrontation with the owners of the property, then pull what they believe to be a bona fide firearm and point it at them.

    We had a guy here, a couple of years back, describe how he picked a fight with a guy who he was certain had stolen his bicycle, when the guy didn't respond to his remarks. It turned out that the guy was deaf (hence the non-response) and was also a professional kick boxer. And also that he owned the he was being accused of stealing. So guess who ended up the worse for wear?

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