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    Question Theft from Checked Baggage

    Hi, Im studying the basic of UK Common law and there is a case I do not understand.
    Donald purchased an airline ticket to travel to Perth. The ticket contained several terms excluding the airline from any liability for any loss that may occur to the passenger's luggage during the time that it is out of his/her possession. On arriving at the airport Donald handed over his luggage for inclusion on his flight. Before Donald's luggage was loaded on the plane, an airline employee cut open the bag and stole the valuables inside. The employee then threw away the bag. Donald discovered the loss of the bag when arrived in Perth. Whether he can sue the airline and claim for any damages?
    I get stuck with Interpretation, Unfair contract terms Act 1977, negligence.... on Exclusion clause . I need your helps !

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    We only deal with US law, I'm afraid.
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    ...and we don't do homework, in any case.

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