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    Default Writing 30 Day Notice - Roommate Conflict

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: Georgia

    In May of last year, my roommate and I took over a friend's lease. The landlord returned the previous tenant's deposit before I began to move in. I immediately noticed that the apartment was left in horrible condition, but the landlord said that the opportunity to have an inspection had already passed because there was little he could do without the previous tenant's deposit. Since then, I have spent a considerable amount of time and money cleaning the apartment. I am writing my 30 days notice and feel that my entire deposit should be returned. However, my roommate has done very little to improve the condition of the apartment and appears to have fallen behind on her rent payments. My roommate has recently expressed a desire to extend our lease.
    The property manager agrees that I am not responsible for my roommate's missed payments, but I still want to reiterate that fact in my 30 day notice. I would also like to specify the condition in which the uninspected apartment was left and my wish to have my full deposit returned. I only occupy the front portion of our apartment, and I would like to state these things thoroughly so that cannot become angry and leave me with a mess that might prevent me from receiving my deposit. Any suggestions as to how I might get these points across?

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    Default Re: Writing 30 Day Notice - Roommate Conflict

    I have no access to your lease from here, and if your landlord is not holding you responsible for your roommate's rent the landlord is either being unorthodox or has leased separately to each of the two of you. Please explain the nature and terms of your lease.

    Also, are you stating that you took over this lease as a subtenant of the original tenant, that you entered into a new lease with the landlord for the balance of the original lease term, or that you simply moved in on a wholly new lease?

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