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    Default What Happens if Can't Pay Civil Judgement

    My question involves judgment recovery in the State of:Georgia
    Long story short. Ex landlord claimed I messed up the place we lived in took out a warrant for me so had to go to court he told court he didn't want to put me in jail we agreed I would pay for damages starting next month but I just found out today my pay was cut in half and I can't pay starting next month. The criminal warrant was dismissed and a civil judgement was put in place instead. What happens if I can't or don't pay the judgement?

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    Default Re: What Happens if Can't Pay Civil Judgement

    I cannot see the agreement you made in court from here; if this was an agreement that a criminal charge would be dismissed if you pay full restitution, for all I know your failure to pay restitution will result in the charge being reauthorized. To be safe, consult a lawyer with the details.

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    Default Re: What Happens if Can't Pay Civil Judgement

    Your first error is in agreeing to pay money you did not have (I'll have the money next week?~you see how that turned out). Was this a civil case ... for eviction?

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