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    Default Double Max Dosage of Prednisone

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: Indiana

    My mother had a prescription for 120 Mg of Prednisone per day, she weighs roughly 140 pounds. While on it she started acting differently and had swelling of the face. After being on it for around three weeks she stopped taking all her medication, not telling anyone. The result was confusion, to the point we had to check her in to the ER.

    While at the ER the doctor noticed the large dosage of Prednisone she was prescribed. After stay the night they wanted to send her home after she was put back on her medication. I mentioned the dosage of Prednisone asking if it had been corrected their response was that they were going to leave her on it until her next appointment with her physician. I said that I won't let her checkout until it was taken care of.

    After some persuading I was able to speak to the doctor that had prescribed it. He said he would only prescribe a dosage of 60Mg a day for a woman her size. I stated her prescription was for 120Mg. He said he would never prescribe this much Prednisone. After going back and forth I produced the prescription bottle, he replied it was his error and then switched the subject. He then said it was probably a good thing she went off because it helped level why she was taking it in the first place.

    I'm not sure what a large dosage of Prednisone could have done to her if she had remained taking it for another half a month. I do know the amount had dramatically changed some decision she was make, like stopping all her medications, this is not like her.

    What kind of legal action can we take against the doctor?


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    Default Re: Double Max Dosage of Prednisone

    Neither "bad things could have happened" nor "I think her confusion may have resulted from..." will support a malpractice case. To successfully sue for malpractice you would need expert testimony to connect a doctor's error, made in violation of the governing standard of care, to actual harm. These days, thanks to "tort reform", if the harm won't justify recovery in the mid-five figures or more, it's unlikely that your mother will be able to find a law firm that will take the case, as malpractice cases are extremely expensive to litigate. A lot of people who suffer injury at the hands of their doctors are effectively without legal recourse.

    Your mother can consult lawyers about possible litigation, and can consider filing a complaint with the medical licensing board. If the doctor is board certified, the boards may also accept complaints.

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    Default Re: Double Max Dosage of Prednisone

    First off, while that is double the USUAL top range of prednisone, it is not the case that 60mg a day is a "MAXIMUM". One would need to know why the Doctor prescribed that level before asserting it was negligent.

    The side effects you mention are typical at ANY dose of prednisone.

    Add that to the what Mr KIA says, you appear to have no case that elevates it to malpractice.

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