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    Question Choosing a Last Name

    My question involves paternity law for the State of: Pennsylvania

    I am due to have a little girl in September and the father is not in the picture. I have a friend who gave her two children her stepfather's last name. When I suggested to my mother I wanted to use her maiden name for my daughter's last name she told me state law mandates I give the child either mine or the father's last name. I do not want my daughter to have my last name as it does not come from either of my biological parents or her father. Can I give her my mother's maiden name or must she take mine?

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    Your Mom is misinformed, it seems.

    Here's the statute pertaining to an unwed situation:

    read here

    You can name your daughter Wilhemina Gates if you want - but that doesn't of course mean that Bill Gates is her father

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    You may choose any surname you wish for your baby.

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