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    Default My Employer Didn't Pay Me - What Should I Do

    My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: Wisconsin

    On January 1, 2012 I was laid off and I did not come back to work until March 15. I ended up quitting my job and having my last day April 9. I have not seen the money for the hours I worked between March 15 and April 9. On April 25 I called the company’s payroll department to see what was going on. I called them on 3 separate occasions at least 2 or 3 hours apart and left messages on each occasion but received no call back. I then called again on April 26 and the same story occurred again. I called 3 or 4 times and left messages again and received no call back. I would have called earlier to find out what was going on but when I was hired back in April 2011 I was told it takes a few weeks for payroll to catch up and I was told by another employee that it would probably be a few weeks before I would get paid due to the time it takes to get in, or in my case back in, to the system. After the second time calling payroll I then called the district manager of the store I was in. I did not get an answer from him but left a message. .About a day later I received a call back from the district manager (it was now April 27) and he said he would look into what was going on. He called me back and said that they would send out a check to me, I just needed to call a woman in payroll to confirm my address. I then attempted to call the woman on three separate occasions and received no answer. By this point I was tired of calling and begging for my money that was owed to me so I then decided it was time to report what was happening to the US Department of Labor because at this point I was owed over 700$. The next Monday I received a check in the mail for the money I owed but they did not pay me at the correct pay rate. I was supposed to be paid at 8.50 but was only paid at $8/hr. I immediately called the district manager and told him and he stated he would call me back. This was on April 30. On May 1 I was told that an email was sent to him from the manager of the store I worked at stating my pay rate changed when I came back to work. I was told this was because before I was laid off I was a key holder and when I came back I was not. I told him that I was never notified about this change in pay and my original pay rate was agreed upon my hire (about 6 months before I became a key holder). The district manager said he would look into it and let me know later that day. He was still trying to get ahold of the store manager who sent the email have not heard from him since. On May 4, I did hear back from the US Department of Labor and they said they could only enforce payment up to the minimum wage rate and would not be able to help me get the money owed to me because they did pay me at $8.00 for the hours worked I understand that I am only looking to get the extra $.50 per hour owed to me but in the grand scheme of things that comes to about $50. To a student that is not a small amount of change but. I was hoping someone could give me some advice as to what else I can do. Is there another place I should call? Or do I need to get a lawyer?

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    Default Re: My Employer Didn't Pay Me What Should I Do

    You could try calling the STATE department of labor.

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    Default Re: My Employer Didn't Pay Me - What Should I Do

    When you were laid off, your employment terminated. When you were called back, you were effectively rehired. Unless you were guaranteed the same pay rate, you have no recourse.

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