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    Default Time Limits on Misdemeanor Cases

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: California

    Im just wondering if a misdemeanor for vandalism has a time limit set on how long they can attempt to try you for. over 1 year ago i was filed charges against but never notified or arrested. i just found out i have a bench warrant but i never received any notice of and i have come into contact with police since then and they made no attempt to take me in and get a new court date.

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    Default Re: Time Limits on Misdemeanor Cases

    If you were charged, the statute of limitations stopped running at that time. If you are eventually arrested, you can discuss with your lawyer whether you have a potential Due Process claim due to the delay between when you were charged and the time of the prosecution; whether or not you do will depend upon the facts as well as the amount of time that has passed.

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    Default Re: Time Limits on Misdemeanor Cases

    The police might not of ran your name for open warrants,I agree with advice above work with a lawyer to reslove this matter.

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