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    Default My Ex is Claiming That I Returned Damaged Property

    My question involves a relationship in the state of: Washington

    I moved out while my ex was at work and took less than half of the property we accumulated as a couple. In retribution he called the police and made a false domestic violence claim. We made a quid pro quo agreement that I would return some items if he dropped the restraining order which was important due to my career. Before the items were returned the domestic violence charges were dismissed and now he is claiming that the property I returned was damaged/vandalized. He is simply being retributive. There was some original damage/wear and tear to the items prior to my moving out but I don't have and proof like pictures. I'm worried about criminal charges against me based on lies and his own vandalism of the property claiming that I did it. Can the police charge me with property damage in this situation? Can I do anything to protect myself? If charges are filed will this effect the without prejudice dismissal of the DV charge?

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    Default Re: My Ex is Claiming That I Returned Damaged Property

    Is it theoretically possible that he could report to the police that you deliberately destroyed his property, and is it theoretically possible that the police would find the case sufficient to forward to a prosecutor, and is it theoretically possible that the prosecutor would authorize charges? Yes, it is. It's also possible that they'll tell him it's a civil matter, that he'll sue you in small claims court without going to the police, or that he'll do nothing. The future is uncertain.

    The way to have protected yourself would have been to document the condition of the items at the time they were returned. Too late for that. What you might do now depends upon what, if anything, he does next.

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