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    Default Summoned for Civil Action on Auto Accident

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: GA
    April 1, 2011, my daughter real ended the car A in front of her and the car A real ended the car B. According to my insurance, car B is asking for unreasonal settlement so it is still pending. My daughter and me were summonded 2 days ago for civil action and required to answer within 30 days. If anyone can give me advises what to do or what not to do on this situation, it will be greatly appreciated. Basically, I am worried of what am I liable for.

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    Default Re: Summoned for Civil Action on Auto Accident

    You likely want to speak to an attorney to determine how to answer the complaint. You're being sued and if you fail to answer the complaint, the other party will be awarded whatever damages they ask for.

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    Default Re: Summoned for Civil Action on Auto Accident

    Presumably they already have representation through the insurance company. It's important that the lawsuit be reported to insurance in a timely manner such that they can answer the complaint and provide a defense. If the claim (even if unreasonable) falls within the policy limits, although the case may be litigated, it's likely to ultimately settle within the policy limits.

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