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    Default Background and Practice of Business Lawyers

    I need to write a paper based upon the answers I receive from interviewing a lawyer and asking the questions below for my business law class. Unfortunately, I do not personally know any local lawyers, as I'm not actually pursuing a law related career path, so if I could bother any lawyers on here for just a few short answers to the following questions that would greatly help me out, as I need to answer these basic questions to build the rest of the assignment and paper off of.

    1. Educational background of the lawyer and year admitted to the bar.
    2. Types of business legal matters handled by the attorney.
    3. Most interesting business case handled by the attorney and its resolution.
    4. Legal fees charged by the attorney to business clients.
    5. Advice as to when a business person should seek the help of an attorney.

    If any lawyers are interested in sharing a little bit of information, I would be most gracious and sincerely appreciate both the responses and your time.

    Thank you in advance-


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    Default Re: Background and Practice of Business Lawyers

    I suggest calling some business lawyers in your vicinity an asking if you can interview them.

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