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    Default Are Old Tires Legal

    My question involves vehicle maintenance laws for the State of: utah
    The guy that inspects my vehicles told me the other day that he wouldnt pass any vehicle that has tires that are over four years old is this the correct thing for him to do? because it doesnt make sense to me because i have bought tires with warrenties that last longer than that.

    O and i have bought new tires that are already over four years old from a tire store before.

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    Default Re: Are Old Tires Legal

    The law generally sez that in order for a tire to be illegal it must have defects bifurcations or tears or the "center most portion" of the thread has a thread depth of less the 2/32 of an inch (about the depth of a match head" Tires with metal studs or ice cleats are generally illegal between May 31st and November 1st - if the face of the tire is as smooth as a babies ass - its illegal.

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