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    Default Social Security Card Name Does Not Match Birth Certificate

    My question involves name change laws in the State of: New Jersey
    My first name on my SS card does not match my first name on my birth certificate. My SS Card has the correct spelling, but my birth certificate has a typo of one letter, (u versus o). This never presented a problem before, but last year when renewing my DL, the agency would only issue my DL in the birth certificate name, not the correct spelling on the ss card. With the new federal True ID taking effect December 1, 2014, how do I go about getting this typo corrected on my birth certificate?
    My SS card, all payroll records, utility bills and prior drivers licenses had the correct spelling up until now. These prior licenses were issued from NJ , PA and Texas.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated!

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    Default Re: Social Security Card Name Does Not Match Birth Certificate

    You posted this as a name change question. Do you in fact want to legally change your name?

    If you can document that this is a DMV error, with your providing accurate information on your application for a license, they should fix their error. You appear to be stating that's what happened.

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