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    Default Deed Was Signed By Only One Owner

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Mississippi

    I own a house and 11 acres that was purchased by my parents from my grandparents in 1998, due to financial issues of my grandparents. The deed that was written up only has my grandmothers signature on it. Now my grandparents and my uncle have put a lawsuit out(or however you would word it) against me to claim the land back.

    When the land was purchased my parents signed an agreement that my grandparents could live there the rest of their lives, so adverse possession shouldnt be possible for them, or could it be?

    If the deed isn't any good, what will happen to the amount of money that was paid for the property? is it a total loss?

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    Default Re: Will This Deed Stand

    it sounds like either grandma sold her share of the land only due to her being the only signer of the deed or the entire deed is invalid.

    as to the money: parents would have to attempt to recoup it from the their parents.

    I don't see your uncle having any standing in the issue though.

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    Default Re: Will This Deed Stand

    im worried about this deed issue.

    Is there any way I can find out what lawsuits or whatever have been charged against me and/or my dad? I haven't had a chance to speak with my lawyer on it yet, I guess he'd know by now. I've seen my name it the paper with my uncles name vs my family(mom dad sister in me) but no details.

    again I work in the gulf of mexico on an oil rig so I can't just make a phone call and find out what I need to know

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    Default Re: Will This Deed Stand

    First, if you and your sister are not on the title of the property, you will be dismissed from the case. Your uncle will also be dismissed since he is not involved. He lacks proper standing to sue your parents.

    This is between your parents and your grandfather.

    You (Your lawyer) would get a copy of the original deed. They need to determine who legally owned the property at the time of the Deed transfer. Clearly this was something done between family with out the help of professionals.

    Then it can go a few ways:

    1) If your grandfather was not on title in 1998, then the deed stands.
    2) If your grandmother was not on title in 1998, the the deed is invalid
    3) If both your grandparents were on title in 1998, then it will go either of the two ways JK mentioned.

    And yes, if 2 or 3 occur, your parents will need to figure out how recover their money or half of it from your grand parents. A lien on the property is always an option, but it sounds almost pointless.

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