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    Default Caught Stealing While on Probation for Drugs

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Oregon, 20 years old

    Hello all, so in November I was stopped while driving home (had smoked in my car the night before). Long story short he found what little weed (maybe a couple grams) I had and was given a ticket. It was my first offense ever and the judge gave me an option for diversion, which is scheduled for 10 weeks during the upcoming summer.

    Then just recently I did something even more stupid in my eyes and has me pretty upset with myself. I was caught shoplifting ( 2 red bulls, $4.08 total) which is a class c misdemeanor in Oregon I believe. Will my previous marijuana ticket have any effect on my charges? I'm hoping for an online diversion program or something of that sort.. What's your take on my situation? Thanks

    If you are reading this never shoplift! looking at some serious $ fines

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    Default Re: Caught Stealing While on Probation for Drugs

    When you commit a new crime while on probation or during a diversion program, you risk being found to be in violation - in your case that could mean ending up with a conviction for the drug charge. And, yes, prior offenses can factor into the disposition for later offenses. It's time to consult a lawyer.

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