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    Default Obtaining Your List of Relatives

    Does somebody help me?. My mom who is a U.S citizen. She immigrated in New York for 20 years ago. She wants to request a copy of a record that list all her member relatives who are still living back in Vietnam. She had declared the record some days before she came and lived in America. Now, she wants to sponsor them to come and live in the U.S, but she forgot how many family members whom she had listed in the record. What should she do to get the copy of the record back from more than 20 yrs ago?

    Thank you very much. I appreciate your help.

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    Default Re: Unidentified Record

    You're talking about something she filed with the then-INA, now USCIS? An application for asylum?

    Why would she have left family members off of her application?

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    Default Re: Unidentified Record

    She answered me. She has 15 siblings. When she was young, she got involved in the argument between family members, so she hated some of her siblings. She was so up sad and left her hometown to go to the US with her husband who was the U.s alien solder right after the communist took over Vietnam. Now, the family members and her are in the middle ages. they want to immigrate here for their new generation, so she wanna help them. You know when people get old their sibling-ship is healed. Now, she does not remembers whose name she did not list in.
    Now what i have to do is apply for the G-639 form or what should I do best? I emailed to USCIS and they reply me to do this form. Thank for your respond. It helps me.

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    Default Re: Obtaining Your List of Relatives

    First, she needs to understand the financial obligations she incurs with sponsorship; any joint sponsors also are liable for all individuals they agree to sponsor. She needs to look at the 125% poverty level income for her family in the US - including herself.

    Second, the wait is currently between 11 and 12 years; given processing time you are looking at 13 or so years before anyone could arrive. Sponsorship is limited to sibling, spouse and unmarried children under 21. Immigrating with the expectation that they could bring their entire family is unrealistic since many children have likely already aged out of this sponsorship category.

    She should speak with an immigration attorney. Since she is proposing sponsoring a very large number of people, she should expect to pay for the consultation. If she cannot afford the attorney for even a short consult, she cannot afford to do what she is proposing.

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