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    Default Judge Said Divorce Final but I Have Recievd No Paperwork California

    My question involves a marriage in the state of:CA
    How do I get paperwork showing the divorce is final and i have not signed anything yet. My ex had representation and i did not and i was under the impression this lawyer was to handle paperwork... I sent him an email regarding property I wanted as I paid for the property while we were separated and I have recieved nothing from him nor any final paperwork??? His lawyer has been shady thru this whole process and I am worried.

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    Default Re: Judge Said Divorce Final but I Have Recievd No Paperwork California

    If by "final" you mean that a final judgment has been entered by the court, but you weren't served with a copy, you can go to the courthouse and have them make you a copy of the judgment from the court file. There will be a modest per-page filing fee, usually $1-$2 per page.

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